Sunday, October 2, 2016

We are in Hong Kong right now and HOLY CRAP THAT FLIGHT WAS SO TOUGH

Hey mom! We are in Hong Kong right now and HOLY CRAP THAT FLIGHT WAS SO TOUGH. Seriously so long and I couldn't sleep very well even with the pillow you gave me, and the lady on my right (probably like 23 or so) kept falling asleep on my shoulder. But I'm all safe and stuff so don't worry! Love ya mom, I'll email as soon as I can again!

So we are in the Mission Training Center right now and have 30 minutes to email! This MTC is a lot smaller but a lot nicer than the one in Provo, and there's only like 200 missionaries in it. The humidity here is not as bad as I expected, and honestly I'm so glad I worked construction before coming here because it really prepared me for all of the sweating! But all is good here, we actually get to have an activity tomorrow where we go outside of the Mission Training Center for 5 hours and go street contact people for real this time! CRAZY RIGHT?? Anyways, email me back if you can! :)

Haha wait, I just realized it’s like super late about 2am in Vegas, so just kidding! But I made it safe and this place is great! I love you mom! Also I think I'm supposed to be able to email next Wednesday (Tuesday in Vegas) I just don't know what time. But I'll email soon! Tell the family I love them!!

Our last picture at the Provo MTC with our teacher
Elder Smith, me, and Elder Anderson at the Manila MTC

Me and Elder Brown "looking awesome" at the manila temple

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