Monday, March 27, 2017

So I'll be honest, being transferred here to this new area is a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be

MY FAMILY I have grown to love ♥
Dang there's just so much to say here. So I'll be honest, being transferred here to this new area is a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Monday morning I was super excited for it, but when it came time to actually leave, wow that was a sad day. Last Monday night we had a huge family home evening with all of the members in the branch. It was kind of their last time to say goodbye to us. They all had a dance and a song that they had prepared for us (which I'm pretty dang sure Twinkle set up) and they they all gave us letters that they had written for us. Some of them were crying and gosh, it was just so hard to say goodbye. I wanted to hug them so bad. On Tuesday when I left, the bus that I rode passed by their house and I seriously wanted to just smash through the windrow and go see them one last time.  I defiantly want to come back and visit after my mission down the road  I'll be honest, saying goodbye to them brought up a lot of old feelings that were closely related to saying goodbye to friends and family back in Vegas.

But now here I am in Libon! It took a day or two to get used to the fact that I am in a new area, but it isn't too bad now! Get this.. I am serving in one of Fraser Lefevre's old areas. (Fraser is a young man that served in this area from our Las Vegas ward just about a year ago)  I even met some of the people he baptized!  My new companion, Elder Nonu, is a great guy and loves to laugh, which makes it pretty easy to get along with him! The apartment is actually super nice too (especially the outside of it) and the area overall is just a beautiful place. It's not too big or too small of a city; it's actually probably a size that's close to the size of Irosin, so I can get used to it easily. The members here are really welcoming to me, and I'm really getting along with them well. There are a TON of potential people here to teach, and I can't wait until Elder Nonu and I get out there and find them!
 My flippin Sisters right here! Angelica is on the left 
(reminds me of Brooklyn my sister) and Shaira is on the right

That's really all I have to say for now because I haven't been in the area long enough to give a nice update about what's going on. But I hope to have a great update for you all next week! I love you tons, and remember to keep me in your prayers!!

 Elder Austin Cook


P.S.  This is just a side note from me, Austins mom.  I have befriended a few of these sweet people from Austins first area.  I wanted to share some conversations that I have had with Twinkle about Austin on Facebook messenger ♥  Just warms my heart  

 Elder fatty or white giant 
is a term of endearment

 John Paul (my legitimate brother) He and I went on splits
 almost every day. I think he cried a little bit when I left. 
Gosh it was hard to leave him

 Our last goodbye while waiting for the bus to leave Irosin
My view from the top of my apartment.  I thought it was cool

Yep. They found a snake. Killed it. We Ate it. #JungleLife

All of the free space around our apartment. 
We have a balcony and a place on the roof to 
do whatever we want. It's really sweet

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