Monday, April 10, 2017

The chief of police actually told us he wants us to come back every month!

Hey, what's up kids? So this week was very different from most other weeks because this week was full of service projects and general conference!
that's right, don't mess with us, our friends are police
So first off, on Wednesday, we went to the police station here in Libon to give a little religious discourse to all of the officers here in Libon (which is about 50 I think) Two weeks ago the chief of police stopped us in the street and randomly asked us if we could give an inspirational message to the police officers because a lot of them "are falling into temptation on the job." So we went and were able to speak to all of them and it went really well! The chief actually told us he wants us to come back every month! It was a really great missionary opportunity and will get the missionaries a good name in this city. Even now all of the police are so nice to us and say hi to us in the streets.
On Thursday we had a huge service project with all of the missionaries in the district that took us about 8 hours to complete. Last December, on Christmas day actually, a huge typhoon hit this area of the Philippines and wiped out TONS of houses. Our church donated roofing material that was probably enough for 500 people in the city of Libon alone. So our job was to distribute all of this metal roofing aluminum to all of these 500 people and let me tell you what, that was difficult lifting all of that metal, but it was very satisfying to see all of their smiles and hear all of them saying thank you. It was also very nice to be in the service of all of these humble people for an entire day. I think we may have even been on the news too, but I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm not too sure.
Me and Elder Parcon on a safari hunt (except not in the savanna, 
it's actually just a rice field. I know, disappointing)

Saturday and Sunday of course, we had general conference. What a great opportunity we had to listen to the voices of the prophet and apostles of this day. So many spiritual experiences were shared and the spirit that was felt was so empowering. I don't want to spend much time talking about my favorite talks or whatnot; most of you already know what was said. But keeping the words of the Prophet in mind, we taught a family of investigators about prophets, and why they are important in our day. The father of the family told us that he thinks it's a nice idea that there is a prophet in our day, but he doesn't really believe that it's true. He thinks that all of the prophets and apostles are dead and that Heavenly Father will not give us anymore.
My gift Twinkle and her family gave to me before I left.  
Its hanging on my wall as a reminder of their love for me ♥
We told him that of course there is a Prophet in our day, and his words of council and guidance are meant for us and for our families- to bless us and to help us. It's such a blessing to have the knowledge that we have a living day prophet who is able to speak to us and help us through our struggles. Listening to the Prophet's words will give us strength and help us to be a better person. I encourage all of you to read, in the Book of Mormon, Mormon Chapter 9: Moroni's great discourse on why God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As you read this I know that you will be able to further understand why God gives us Prophets today, and why His power, the priesthood, is here on Earth again.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Austin Cook

Just us out tracting.

Elder Parcon on a river garden. It's just a HUGE garden but it's full of water too. I dunno, it's just called a river garden

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