Monday, June 5, 2017

I can confidently say that those who are following the things that we are teaching to them live MUCH happier lives than others who reject our teachings and messages.

This week was a good one full of some actually pretty good work!

District activity earlier today.
We had exchanges this last week and my companion was Elder Anselmo. He's a good missionary who enjoys doing the work, and within two hours of working with him we were able to find 12 new investigators by just knocking on people's doors! The rest of the day we went around and taught some great lessons to our other investigators we have here. It was really good to get out and just work all day and not worry about anything else!

This last week we taught some of our inactives in the branch here in Libon. It's really interesting to see how their lives have changed ever since they stopped going to church. Before, they had steady jobs, they were doing well with their family, but now their life is just slipping away. We are trying to show them that if they want their life back, they need to live according to the teachings of Christ in order to invoke the blessings of heaven on themselves and on their family.

It's interesting to see the lives of the people here. Being a missionary here in the Philippines gives a one in a lifetime chance to meet as many people with as many different backgrounds as possible. It's amazing to see the differences in their lives and exactly what causes these differences, and I can confidently say that those who are following the things that we are teaching to them live MUCH happier lives than others who reject our teachings and messages. I just hope that eventually they will see that our message is one of hope.

I watched a video the other day that told a story of two young brothers about 60 years ago who found a pair of old boots and a jacket right next to a wheat field. They looked out into the field and noticed there was an older farmer out there who was working. They could tell that the boots and jacket were his, and upon finding the boots, the younger brother who was about 10 years old wanted to hide the old man's boots and jacket and wait and watch from a distance for him to return. The younger brother thought it would be funny to see his reaction as he frantically searched for his hidden items. But the older brother had another idea. Instead of hiding the old man's belongings, he suggested that they each leave a silver dollar in each boot, and then watch and wait for the man to come back. Reluctantly, the younger brother agreed, and that's what they did. Upon arriving back at his boots and jacket, the brothers watched as he slipped on one boot and took it right back off, noticing the silver dollar inside. He removed the dollar and looked around for whoever it was that put it in there, but he could see no one, for the boys were hidden out of sight. Then he slipped on the other boot and noticed the other dollar that was carefully placed inside. When finding these two dollars, he immediately knelt down and offered up a prayer out loud to God, saying his thanks to God because he desperately had been needing money for his wife, who lay ill due to a sickness that threatened her life and did not have the needed money to purchase the medicine. He then asked to invoke the blessings of Heaven upon the people who had placed the money in his boots. The young brothers walked away from this experience and the older brother said to the younger, "There, now doesn't that feel good?"
Just do good to others, and the same will always be reciprocated to you in the end. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! 
Elder Austin Russell Cook
District activity earlier today.
P.S.  Mom I’m doing well! I’m all healthy and stuff, but the conditions here are still the same. Earlier today it was raining really hard, so we took a shower under the rain water that drained off of the roof of the church because it's actually cleaner than the water in our apartment. #GoPhilippines
My monthly allowance money is perfectly fine! It's super easy to budget, I ended up with about 35% of my support money leftover at the end of the week, so I've got plenty of money over here :)
I made some chicken wings for us the other day
We took a hike last P-day and this was the view. 
  And yes, that is a huge volcano
Elder Mallapre wanted a photo shoot... I guess

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