Sunday, August 14, 2016

Elder Austin Cook's Farewell Sunday Aug 14, 2016 and Open House

Austin gave his farewell talk Sunday, Aug 14, 2016 in Sacrament meeting.  His talk was on missionary work.  He gave a beautiful talk.  Cameron Steele came and played a beautiful piece on the piano called "For His Friends"  He had Taylor Sinquefield sing and a young lady play the cello.  It brought the spirit so strongly.  Then after church we had family and friends gather at our home for lunch.
Mike and DeEsta Cook and their family, Denise Bowcutt, Steve Ririe, Charisse, 
Haydin & Randi, Mike, Sam and Ethan, Sidney Charlsworth and Sam Durkin
Elder Austin Cook... He's the man

Austin and Sidney Charlsworth

Michelle Hulme, Debra Durkin, Fraser, Jason and Jeremy Lefevre

Austin and Kaylin BBF

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