Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hotel before dropping me off at the Provo MTC and Me saying "See ya in 2 Years"

Passing time with my sisters before we leave for the MTC
 Our family left Tuesday August 16, 2016 to drive Austin up to Provo and spend the evening and morning with him before he had to report to the MTC at 12:30 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  It was a beautiful Wednesday morning.  We ate breakfast at the hotel and drove to the Provo Temple to take pictures with Austin.  Such a bitter sweet day.  It is always hard to let go of each of the children but we wouldn't have it anyother way.  The Lord sacrificed much when he allowed Austin to come into our family and now we much sacrifice to turn him back over to the Lord for two years.  Our family is so blessed.  We love you Austin ♥

Chit chat before we leave hotel room 

Leaving Hotel Room 

Man, its bright out here!

Provo temple parking lot
Here we are

I love my sisters Brooklyn and Danielle ♥

Short walk up to temple to take more photos

I believe she will miss me the most

I have loved the support of Danielle since she served a mission in Chile

My dad my biggest supporter

My mom, my biggest fan

My awesome family.

Families are forever; sad we are missing my brother,
Elder Landon Cook, who is serving in Melbourne Australia

Overlooking Provo City from the Temple

Getting closer to my 12:30 report time at the MTC

I have to say... I have a lot on my mind

A sweet hug from Brooklyn

Happy smiles from Danielle

I dont think my mom wanted to let go

making sure everythings was A-ok

I love my mom

I love my dad

Doing all I could from breaking down

Arrival at the MTC:  My Host was Elder Amson

One last hug from dad

This is it folks!

Mom wont let go until she gave me a kiss!

Being silly with my baby sister

A few more tears before I walk into the MTC

Love this sister of mine!

Until we meet again!  I ♥ you all!

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