Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mom I wanted to tell you that honestly I took everything that you did for me for granted

So not a lot happened this week. I really don’t have hardly anything to write about! We have just been teaching lessons, and the work is just slow. Elder Perkins is kind of getting lazy with the work. We spend like 3 hours at each lesson, and I just get bored. We really don’t do much, and I’m always pushing him to get up and go teach as many people as possible, but it never works sadly. I’m going to try to do things differently to get him motivated this week, but we shall how that goes.

But I’m still working as hard as I can despite that! We finally had a service project this week in which we built a fence for the Hernalis! Well I and the grandma built the fence, while Elder Perkins just kind of sat on the porch and watched us. But it was super good to finally do some physical labor!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! ESPECIALLY FAMILY! And mom, sorry for the short mass email this week, but there just wasn’t much going on. I’ll be sure to email more next week for sure I promise!

Oh also, I got a super ugly haircut at the salon the other day. I didn’t have the vocabulary in Tagalog to actually tell them what I wanted, so I just let em have at it, and now it’s ugly. So I didn’t really take pictures with myself in them this week, sorry guys!

With Love,

Elder Austin Cook

P.s. Mom I wanted to tell you that honestly I took everything that you did for me for granted. Being in the Philippines is making me SO MUCH MORE grateful and hardworking. You really were and are the best mom!

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