Monday, November 7, 2016

The Hernali family was so happy to be baptized!

So we had a pretty good week this week and I finally had my first baptism!! The Hernali family was so happy to be baptized finally; it was cool to see how happy they were about it.

me and Elder Peterson (The homie)
So I'll start from the beginning. First off, on Wednesday, we had this thing called trainers training in Legaspi, which is like a three hour drive away from my area, Irosin.  It was REALLY nice to go there because I finally got to see Elder Peterson again! He's doing super awesome, and it was really nice to see a friend from the MTC. We spent a good portion of the day in the mission home (Which is a super nice house that the mission president and his wife live in) just listening to people talk about how to be the best missionary we can be. After the whole training thing was done, me and my trainer, and Elder Peterson and his trainer, went to get something called sili (chili) Ice cream. Let me tell you what this stuff was so weird. It’s basically just super-hot ice cream. They had levels from 1-3 and obviously we all had to choose level 3, and honestly, it was just the weirdest thing ever.

The rest of the week we just spent most of our time preparing the Hernalis for baptism. We were setting all of the details up on Friday, the day before, and asking all of them who they want to baptize them. Amy and Nanay Hernali both wanted Elder Perkins, but for some reason Lory Anne wanted me to do it for her! I was so surprised, I thought for sure she would want Perkins (considering I can’t even speak her language all that well) but I was very grateful that she chose me. The actual baptism was super cool. We were going to do it at the beach, but the weather was supposed to be horrible, so we moved it closer to this one pool nearby. It was still really nice, and all of the Hernali's loved it.

That's really all that happened for this week! I’ll be sure to be more descriptive next week in my email, but I kind of ran out of time today (whoops). But I love you all and pray for you! I'll email again in another short week! :)

Elder Austin Cook

Elder Perkins and I pulling a G.Q. pose..just for fun!

Me and Elder Perkins in our SUPER SEXY JUMPSUITS

Elder Perkins and I

The Hernali family

Me photo bombing Lory Anne's picture

Lory Anne my first convert baptism :)

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